Modern Zinc


Q - How long will the Zinc stay in my sheets?
A - The Zinc is permanently infused into the fabric and won’t wash out.
Q - Are Modern Zinc sheets OEKO-TEX certified?
A - Of course! All of our sheets are OEKO-TEX certified which means our products are all free of harmful chemicals and materials. OEKO-TEX tests for harmful substances which are prohibited or regulated by law and chemicals which are known to be harmful to health. They also test for color fading and acidity as a precautionary measure to safeguard health at every stage of production.
Q - Do your sheets feel any different than regular cotton sheets?
A - Our sheets feel exactly like 100% cotton. You will not be able to feel any difference when touching the sheets except maybe that they feel softer than what you’re used to.
Q - How deep are your fitted sheets?
A - Our sheets have deep 16” pockets to make sure they will fit on almost any mattress.
Q - Do your sheets wrinkle?
A - At Modern Zinc, we don’t treat our fabrics with wrinkle-free chemicals like many other brands do. Like any cotton product, these sheets will naturally wrinkle. To reduce wrinkling we recommend dry hanging your sheets or taking them out of the dryer 5 minutes early and hanging them to dry.
Q - How should I wash my sheets?
A - Thanks to the Zinc fibers, you won’t be needing to wash your sheets as often but when you do you can follow these few tips:

Modern Zinc: Bed sheets tumbling in washing machine.