Modern Zinc

Our Fabric

We have developed a new type of fabric by blending Zinc oxide with cotton. Let us tell you how.

Bed Sheet Benefits



Using only the highest quality fibers we have partnered with Smartfiber for a unique fiber known for its high-quality standards in Germany. More in can be found on Our Technology page.
Our long staple cotton provides the longest, finest cotton fibers in the world. Using quality cotton, we can manufacture smooth and soft weaves that are stronger than other fabrics using shorter fibers. 

Modern Zinc: Spinning fibers.


Spinning the fiber into yarn

Working closely with our manufacturing partners, we use industry leading machines to spin the fibers into single-ply yarn. Using a unique process, the Zinc and cotton fibers are spun together to create a truly one of a kind single-ply yarn.
Single-ply yarn makes the finest threads and can only be spun from long-staple fibers. The results of using single-ply yarn can be felt and will last an extremely long time.

Modern Zinc: Camera pan of a bed.

Fine Threads

The finer the thread, the lighter and softer the fabric will be. By exclusively spinning the yarn into super fine threads, we have developed the perfect fabric for bedding.

Modern Zinc: Camera pan of bed sheets.

Sateen Weave

After years of testing and asking the community, we decided the Sateen Weave was the best for bedding fabric. Unlike a percale weave, the Sateen Weave exposes more thread giving the fabric a silky-soft feel.

Modern Zinc: Hand caressing bed sheets.

400 Thread Count

Thread counts above 600 are often falsely advertised to trick customers. Companies inflate the thread count by using low quality, multi-ply yarn producing a coarser fabric than traditional lower thread count fabric using single-ply yarn.
We wanted to offer the best thread count using the finest yarn and have developed a 400 thread count sateen woven fabric using only the best raw materials. 
Modern Zinc: Camera focusing on embroidery.