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The New Era of Online Home Furnishing Sales

White Sheet Wave

The days of going to your local mattress store or Walmart for your bedding needs are coming to an end. Nowadays as we all know there is a big shift towards e-commerce to buy consumer goods. To most of us, this means buying anything from the latest iPhone to vacuum cleaners online.  

One category often overlooked by people buying online, is sleep products. This is unfortunate as sleep products such as mattress and bed sheets have extremely high markups in brick and mortar stores. Due to this, in the past couple years there has been a rise in sleep-related startups, which use a direct to consumer model. This allows these startups to sell their products directly to the consumer avoiding any retail markups.

Consumers have a growing confidence toward buying sleep related products online. Startup mattress companies such as Casper and Tuft & Needle have done a great job of breaking the barrier to the traditional way we buy mattresses. They succeeded by putting all their effort and technology in perfecting their one mattress. They created a simple shopping experience that offers customers a high-quality product at a fraction of the price by selling exclusively on their website and shipping straight to the customer’s door.

An industry following close behind, are the online bedding sales. Bed Sheets in stores sell at extremely high markups similar to mattresses. So those looking for quality luxury sheets would be looking in the range of $500 and up. This has created a huge amount of consumers wanting affordable and quality bed sheets left with no good options. They must either spend hundreds of dollars for quality sheets that are extremely overpriced or buy budget sheets that are also overpriced for the quality you are getting.   

Modern Zinc plans to bridge this gap and offer consumers, not only luxurious quality sheets but sheets that use smart textiles to offer unique benefits that have never before been introduced to the market.