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Sateen Weave: A Basic Luxury

Sateen Weave Bed Sheets

Zinc sheets are a mixture of cotton fibers and fibers made up of zinc oxide. Learn more about zinc oxide and the unique way Smartfiber is manufacturing this natural and abundant mineral into textiles HERE

The manufacturing of zinc fibers, Smartcel sensitive, is not easy. Mills that can weave delicate smart fibers with quality cotton are not easy to come by these days. Finding a manufacturer that can weave high-end cotton with functional fibers meant traveling to the center of the world for textiles, Hangzhou, China. By running large amounts of tests with different cotton, weaves, weights, and textures with multiple factories, we have developed zinc bedding.

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What’s the reason for the silky soft feeling with sateen woven sheets? Sateen weaving means the yarn goes under one yarn and over three yarns before going under again for more exposure of the fiber. More exposure of our super soft cotton and silky zinc fibers means for a better year-round bedding experience. Subscribe to receive updates on products.To get the softest touch with the most durability out of the bedding, Modern Zinc bed sheets are Sateen woven with a plain finish that gets softer as it gets washed. Designed to be bed sheets for every season, our sateen weave gives a silk-like feel without the shine. Sateen bedding is woven a little tighter than your traditional percale woven sheets so you can use your Modern Zinc bed sheets all year around.